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Ninh Binh Tours

Ninh Binh Tours

Ninh Binh Tourism

Tours Ninh Binh will bring tourists to visit famous places , the landscapes of the beautiful land of Ninh Binh . Our team of enthusiastic instructors carefully will help you understand more about the customs and traditions as well as the questions of visitors . Here are places where explosive turn in Ninh Binh other travelers to visit in Ninh Binh Tours by yourself ..

Bich Dong Pagoda

One of the main attractions in Tours Ninh Binh Tam Coc lying around for both foreign tourists and devotees Vietnam which is small but beautiful temple was built with a mountain and in a cave - Bich Dong pagoda . The surrounding mountains and gorgeous water and the new road .

Trang An

While Tam Coc - Bich Dong cave is famous for its three , Chang'an has nine caves from 100 to 300 meters long . The boat tour is similar to Tam Coc . You will get to sail around the beautiful mountains and majestic nature . The Long Hotel is one of the few places where you can book a tour of Chang'an . During the journey, you will visit a few temples and can take the stone stairs to the mountain . If given the chance, you can see monkeys in here

Mua caves

Go to purchase , you must climb 500 steps to reach the summit , so great if you're shooting at them . At the foot of the mountain is the first quiet park with fish pond . Neighborhoods can purchase rice fields , small villages and breathtaking natural scenery

Hoa Lu ancient capital

In 2008, Hoa Lu has been recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site . Scientists confirmed Hoa Lu is a place of culture and history of Vietnam. Hoa Lu ancient capital was chosen as under King Dinh , Le and other money Ly Dynasty between 968 and 1009. Hoa Lu served as a military base and have witnessed many important events and changes big change in the country. Hoa Lu was the surrounding mountains create conditions for the fight against the invaders. Over the wars Hoa Lu had many changes . Today, Hoa Lu was preserved in the temple 's second reign of King Dinh and King Le . On a nearby mountain , is the tomb of fun Dinh Tien Hoang .

Bai Dinh Pagoda

As the largest temple in Southeast Asia . Bai has an area of over 80 hectares with four large temple . Bai Dinh built from 2009, is expected to open in 2010. It has been open to visitors and hundreds of pilgrims Vietnam visited daily .

At Bai Dinh pagoda has many Buddha statues in bronze, some of them are even heavier than 100 tons .

Bai Dinh pagoda surrounded by 500 stone Buddha statue , and a large artificial lake , built on a ridge 200 meters .

NR Van Long wetland .

Unlike Tam Coc and Chang'an , here you can see lots of birds and monkeys

Van Long attract many birds . Especially , in the afternoon and evening you can see the huge birds gather here

Other attractions Delacour langur , an endangered species of primates live here . Today, there are about 300 individuals remain, of which about 40 individuals living in Van Long .

Kenh Ga

Kenh Ga ( " Chicken Village " ) , previously a lot of wild chickens live here . This is a very quiet wetlands with rivers and limestone

From the pier at the entrance , you can take a boat to the village and the river and wetlands . Nearly chicken channels have a mineral water resort .

Cuc Phuong National Park

As one of the oldest protected areas in Vietnam , Cuc Phuong was President Ho Chi Minh opened in 1962. Cuc Phuong is a beautiful forest , you will have the opportunity to great hiking and go visit the primate rescue center where rare species are taken care of . In the park , you can find many species of plants , birds , mammals and reptiles . The park offers food , guides speak English well . You can visit the Muong and sleep here . Cuc banners have a prehistoric cave , an ancient tree and a garden 1000th carried vat.Tu to Cuc Phuong Tam Coc about 70km . The best way to travel is by car or motorbike rental with a guide .

Phat Diem

Phat Diem is also known under the name Kim Son , this is a very famous church in the North , it was built in the 19th century , it has architectural Sino - Vietnamese - Europe . Opening hours from 5 am to 5 pm

Services and tourism

Most tourist sites above points are located around Ninh Binh province . Therefore , we can organize a trip types to help you explore the attractive tourist sites that

Bike rentals

- Mountain bikes 2-3 USD / day

Rent Motorcycles

For any long Ninh Binh Tours , we can provide you with experienced driver and guide , if you prefer to explore the land of Ninh Binh , we have reliable motorcycles for rent ( Prices do not include petrol )

- Motorcycle rental ( $ 5) / day

- Hire scooter (5 USD) / day




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