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Mai Chau, Pu Luong 4 days, 3 nights

Mai Chau, Pu Luong 4 Days,  3 Nights

Day 1

08.00: Leave from The Long hotel by 4WD car for Mai Chau. You will be travelling about 150km, on countryside roads so prepare to spend some time in the car.

The car will stop on the way, to visit a pineapple plantation, buy some groceries at a local market or just to take some pictures.

12.00: Lunch in Man Duc town.

13.00: A short 2 km hike through the countryside. From a distance you can see 3 beautiful waterfalls almost 100 meters high.

14.30: Continue to Mai Chau

15.30: Arrive in the area of Mai Chau. The town itself isn’t very interesting so you should go to Lac handicraft village nearby for some shopping and walking around. 

17.00: Two option:

- Continue to the standard homestay in Van village.

- Go to a Muong homestay on an island in Long Ho lake. (This costs 200.000VND extra for the boat. This is in total, not per person, for both ways) 

 Bot homestays are far from the touristic places.

18.00: Arrive in homestay, have some free time dinner with the family and of course some home-made Vietnamese rice wine!

Mai Chau Pu Luong - golden rice

Mai Chau Pu Luong - golden rice

Day 2

07.00: Breakfast, if you stay on the island there is time for a quick swim.

08.00: Take (a boat back to) the car and continue to Pu Long Natural Reserve, following the Ma river. On the way there is a short stop to visit a chopstick factory.

Optional: a 2km/ 1 hour trek to Muong village, if you choose, the times mentioned below will be one hour later.

12.00: Lunch in local restaurant in Canh Hanh town.

12.45: Leave for Pu Long Nature Reserve, partly following the Ho Chi Minh Trail

14.00: Arrive at Pu Long, from here you take a 4 km beautiful but challenging trek over the mountains to a minority village. You will hike through (bamboo) forests and rice paddies. Make sure to bring something to drink because you will not see any houses or places to buy something. On Wednesdays and Sundays you will meet many colorful women going to the local market.

16.30: Arrive at the homestay. Some free time to explore the nearby village, take pictures or just relax. If you like, you can help the family preparing dinner.

18.00: Dinner with the family.

Tour Mai Chau - Pu Luong

Tour Mai Chau - Pu Luong 

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