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Goat meat specialties

Goat meat specialties

Ninh Binh Tourist - Goat meat specialties

Location Ninh Binh but not goat meat taste of this land , as you do not know the specialty here . Due to graze on the mountain , running multiple , goat here firming , fat and tasty goat farming than in other regions .

Ninh Binh arriving visitors will encounter a series of goat meat restaurant , Hoa Lu district alone has more than hundred shops . Due to the increasing demand of local people as well as visitors to the restaurants mushrooming . Each restaurant has a its own attraction . However , to survive in the long run , only good quality and affordable . And many restaurants here do that .

More than a hundred kilometers away from Hanoi with many famous landmarks such as the ancient capital of Hoa Lu , Tam Coc Bich Dong landscape ... , Ninh Binh is known for mountain goats scrumptious meat dishes with goat meat restaurants sprang up closely .

Recipe lemon goat not too hard , but enough to taste , new style right appetite.

Also re- goat , there are other very tasty dishes , such as duck goat , grilled goat , goat shy , goat ... a plate of goat meat Average cost ranges from 110.000 to 130.000d . With prices quite affordable , most tourists stop in Ninh Binh to enjoy

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